Writing Articles

Article Marketing

Writing articles for traffic is a difficult task for many on the internet but it doesn’t have to be if you follow a few easy steps.

Articles are your piece of real estate online and they last forever.

Article marketing is a long term business strategy.  Don’t expect to write an article today and get traffic from it tomorrow.

You can get traffic fast with a lot of article tools on the market. Some of these tools will take your articles and create different versions of it.

This is done so that you don’t have duplicate content online.  I used this strategy for a while but found I really didn’t like although it works well for many.

My approach to article marketing is focused more on writing articles for a few top directories rather than spinning to thousands directories for traffic.

I like this method better because many of the directories are garbage with garbage links back to your site.

Many say article marketing is a thing of the past especially with the Google slap from a few years ago.

And although your article may not receive a top return for a Google search, keep in mind publishers are looking for great content to post on their site.

If the content is good they will keep your article in tact and post it on their Ezine (online Newsletter) with links back to your site.

That’s great traffic because its endorsed by the publisher and endorsed traffic is the best traffic.

Don’t like to Write?  No Problem!

Of course if you hate to write you can outsource all of your article marketing to Elance, Odesk or others.

Also, if you enjoy writing you can freelance for others in your niche market that may need article content which is an easy way to start earning money online.

There are different types of articles you can write so use this guide as a easy way to help you develop your content.

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