Video Marketing


Video marketing is a fast way to build a following to a targeted audience. The only problem with video is that most people in business hate to use this strategy because they don’t like they way the look on camera.

But there is a way to use video marketing without ever showing your face. It is also a high converting strategy.

The strategy is to record your voice over PowerPoint for windows or Keynote for Mac users with a slide presentation of your topic.  That becomes your video and it works extremely well online.

Let’s look at an example:
Let’s look at an in front of the camera video like this one:

And now here’s that same video using PowerPoint:

The same thing is being recorded on both.

The only difference is one you see me and the other you don’t and both versions convert well.

If you think you have a face for radio and want to use video marketing as a way to get traffic try this method.

It is a strategy I stayed away from when I first started because I was intimidated for the same reasons most people are, I hated to see myself on camera but worse I didn’t like my voice.

But what happens when you actually record 3 or 4 videos you get your confidence and realize its really not that bad at all.

If you want to see fast results video marketing is the fast track.

Once you record or video you can use a free service called TubeMogol and distribute your video to many video directories online.

Video directories are just like article directories they just store videos and you get more exposure and traffic.

The amount of traffic you get is dependent upon how valuable your video is viewed by others.

Video marketing should be a part of the marketing strategies you use to reach your target market.

Decide how you will use video in you marketing and grab a copy of my free eBook Home Biz Basics which guides you to get started with your business using the internet.