Traffic = Money

Does  Traffic = Money?


Traffic = Money

Nothing  makes you money online until you get traffic.  PERIOD!

But wait…. nothing really happens until someone buys something.

It’s true, if you can’t get traffic you can’t build a business.  However, just getting traffic is not enough.  I had to learn this the hard way.

Through trial and error I learned how to get traffic and leads using several traffic strategies both free and paid.

But what I discovered was that a lot of my traffic did not convert to leads or sales.  I would generate a lot of traffic but I’d never sold anything.  It just didn’t work!

 Targeted traffic meets the needs of the market.

I had to figure this out and soon realized that I needed targeted traffic.

Targeted traffic is traffic that meets the need of the market you’re trying to serve.

Here’s an example. Let’s say you are trying to sell a weight loss product and you generate traffic on auto repair websites.

Well, the traffic that visits auto repairs sites are looking for just that and not weight loss solutions.


Traffic means nothing without conversions


So I got clicks, I got the eyes on my site but that traffic soon clicked off because my product or site was not related to what they needed…auto repair help.

On the internet targeted traffic ,which speaks directly to your niche market is the only traffic that matters. Why, because if you’ve done your job, that’s the traffic that converts to sales.

The beauty in getting targeted traffic is that you may not need as much as you think.

Most people think it takes millions of hits on their site to sell anything successfully.

But, It all depends on your niche market and the volume of those looking to get a result with your product or service.

Remember,  with targeted traffic your advertising doesn’t  have to speak to everyone online just those looking for what you offer which helps them.

Traffic does equal money if you learn how to get targeted traffic to your nice market and offer them real solutions to problems, challenges or desires they seek.

Getting traffic and conversions is the most important skill you must master online if you want a real business on the internet.

It just takes understanding what’s required to get traffic.