Traffic Danger

Caution…Traffic Danger

Free Traffic danger





There’s a traffic danger online and its free traffic. The danger with free traffic boils down to just two issues, its slow and you have no control over if and when it works.

Most new online business owners lean towards the free traffic strategies because they’ve been told they are the easiest to do.

I did the same thing. I decided to try article marketing for free website traffic because that’s what everyone told me worked.

A lot of folks were getting a ton of traffic with articles.¬† I wrote an article in the month of October and got leads from that article in March the following year. I didn’t feel too good about that.

I must admit I had no idea of how to do keyword research or Search Engine Optimization (SEO) which is a way to get a high ranking in Google.

I just wrote the article and I did that for my first 70 or so articles because I didn’t know any better.

You can get traffic and leads using free strategies but they take time and you have no control over whether they will work or not.

So the question is do you really want to base your business on that?

I hope not.

Instead of doing the free traffic methods consider a different strategy to see if it works like:


Paid Traffic


Set a budget even if its $10 per day for the next 10-30 days and run FaceBook Pay Per Click advertising to reach your target market.

In doing paid advertising you know almost instantly or at least with a few days if it works.

This in the long run will actually save you time and money.

If you don’t like Facebook marketing you can also use Google, Bing¬† and YouTube although right now Facebook is just about the cheapest paid traffic on the internet.

Once you have your paid strategy proven then do the free traffic strategies like articles, forum and video marketing.

This way you know what keywords to put in your articles, forum posts and videos that work because you’ve proven it by getting traffic and leads with your paid strategy.

There’s nothing wrong with using free traffic. In fact, article marketing is still one of my favorite but I only do it after I have proven I can get traffic and leads with a paid strategy.

Free website traffic strategies like article marketing are great because they can put you in a position to get traffic from one article for example, for years to come.

However, make sure you test with a paid strategy first before you spend the time and energy doing free ones.

Getting traffic and converting that traffic into leads and sales are the most important skills you must master online. Using a cheap paid strategy first will put you way ahead of the competitors in your market.

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