The Slap

Google SlapGoogle Slap


The slap or what’s known online as the Google slap put many marketers out of business.

Around 2009 or so, the market became bombarded with in my view way too many affiliate sites  focusing on making money online easy products and services.

This led to overwhelm and information overload for the masses.

Google’s client base, which really is all of us were getting confused and frustrated.

Google realized smart marketers knew how to get around some of their algorithms to get high rankings. So Google updated everything and nearly overnight you saw websites and marketers disappear.

I recall doing a search for “make money online” and a few favorite blogs I used for reference were no longer there.

What was really going on was Google had basically killed most affiliate marketers businesses and banned them for life from advertising.

What Google did in my mind was the right for their customers.

Their whole game is relevancy and if your content is not relevant to the user search and you were able to rank  because of some magic  tricks to get your site listed, it reflected bad on Google.

I couldn’t figure out if Google was trying to say that their advertising was only for big businesses or that the masses could not make buying decisions for themselves. But they had the power to make huge changes and they did.

Where Did the marketers go that were slapped?

Since then many affiliate marketers have moved to Facebook advertising.

However, Facebook is in the process of doing the same thing.

Basically, you gotta take the time to read the advertising policy of these  sites and make sure you understand their rules.

A lot of this started  happening around the same time the FTC came out with rules regarding full disclosure about affiliate commissions  and income disclaimers.

We can’t control Google or any of these large sites and all you can do is the best you can for your client base.

The traffic and the sales on the internet will never go away regardless of what Google or FaceBook or any of these large players put in place to control advertising.

There’s traffic in many more places and there always will be.

I will admit however, there is no more targeted traffic than search traffic.

Yet, smart marketers will not lose any sleep over these changes because they understand the golden rule of internet marketing.

Always have multiple streams of traffic and multiple streams of income. That’s how you stay in business for many years regardless of the Google slap.

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