Solo Ads

Solo Ads


Val Taylor Solo adsA solo ad is simply one ad emailed to a list of subscribers of an Ezine (Online Newsletter).

The newsletter publisher sells you a solo ad where in essence you are renting his subscriber list.


There are literally thousands of ezine publishers but as you can imagine some of them are garbage sites with outdated information and an inflated subscriber base.

To use solo ads effectively you need to find a publisher of an Ezine with a large enough subscriber base say starting at about 20,000 that is related to your niche.

Solo ads are email ads. They have different payment options available to you like a fixed priced or a pay per open price.

Meaning you pay a cost for the number of clicks and opens you get on your ad.

Since this cost is unknown I would used the fixed cost method. That way you can control your advertising budget.

The solo ad can contain only your offer and that’s what makes it attractive to marketers.

Match The Solo Ad to the Ezine

The key in solo ad marketing is to make your message match what the ezine is all about.

For instance, you would advertise your health and wellness product in that type of ezine and not in a pet ezine because that’s not targeted enough.

Solo ads can be powerful if you have great ad content. Basically you have to use copywriting very well to make the ad effective.

When a person receives the newsletter for the day your ad must be compelling enough to make them click that link in their email.

Note here, this is not spam. These people are subscribers of the newsletters and are aware that being a subscriber means they will get advertisement with the delivery of the newsletter.

You need to find a list of  quality Ezines  and you may want to  subscribe to them to make sure the content of the is good.

This is your way of testing if you should advertise there.

You could go to Google and search for your “target market + ezines” and it would lists some of the ezines for that market niche.

Every niche market you can imagine has ezines and they are listed in the directory of ezines.

Solo ads can be cheap but I would make sure I am a subscriber first before I advertise in any online newsletter.

This allows you to get the feel of what your prospective customer would get when they receive your solo ad.

Decide  to use solo ads in your business. Stay connected with me here and enjoy a free copy of my eBook “Home Biz Basics”