SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

SEO Search Engine Optimization


Search Engine Optimization or SEO  is optimizing your website for the search engines but you have no control of it.


One of my coaches loves SEO and ranks for a lot of keyword phrases with several of his niche sites and  has built a huge part of his business around SEO.

But, it takes time and it takes a lot of knowledge in understanding how Google updates work which they don’t tell you.

It also takes a lot of back links to your website. Back links are just other sites linking into yours.

Not only does it take a lot of back links it takes a lot of back links from high authority sites.

SEO Authority Sites


An authority site is like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, CNN, Washington Post, university sites and so on.

If you’re good enough to get a link from an authority site you still have to have a lot of back links from other sites.

There are online tools that can help you do this but a lot of those tools are crap and get you back links from crappy sites.

SEO is all about your website design, focus, keyword phrases and back links.

By focus I mean if your website is about weight loss it should have weight loss topics and content related to weight loss.

If you have weight loss topics on your site plus stuff about your kids, your college and your house and your dog its not focused.

Its just not targeted for the search engines. The search engines won’t be able to figure out what the site is about.

So you wont get ranked for anything.

How it Works

You design your site based upon targeted keywords for your market.

This is why I emphasize finding your niche market first before you even design your site so you can keep the keywords in mind.

Once you have it designed and keyword focused you post content related to your niche market using those keywords. You must also make sure the content on the site links to other content on the site.

This is called On Page Optimization. It sounds harder than it is. It just takes some thought.

Then there is Off Page Optimization and that’s where the incoming links come into play.

Let’s say  you’ve got the design right and the right amount of links coming into the site and its keyword focused.

Then you have to outrank other sites already ranking for those same keywords. So your site must have more incoming links and have more authority links, domain age, page rank than the next site to be ranked higher.

You are Not in Control with SEO

That’s really not what concerns me about SEO, its the control issue.

I remember when I first started I searched for how to make money online. There were some sites that were there then that are no longer there now.  They had the links, the keywords the focus, the authority.

Google decided those sites even though they were able to rank were no longer relevant to their audience so they stop listing those sites.

That’s no control.

I think Google got it right because its job is to make sure your search is relevant. That’s their whole game, relevancy for their audience.

I believe SEO is a good strategy to use along with other strategies if and only if you have an extremely targeted niche where  you have a chance to rank for keyword phrases in that market.

Just remember to play by Googles rules because they have the control not you.

Yes, SEO does work but let’s get real with some of the hype and understand that it takes time, knowledge and a lot of linking to master SEO.

My goal here is not to discourage you from using SEO as a marketing strategy, I just want you to be aware of what it takes to accomplish ranking on page 1 of Google.

Decide what works best for your business and stay connected with me right now to stay informed.