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Secret Traffic   


Secret Traffic







There is a secret traffic source very few know about and use online.

And the young gurus and hucksters will probably make sure I’ll go to internet hell for revealing it here.

Oh well I just hope they have red wine there.

It’s nothing illegal and its practiced in businesses online and offline yet its treated like some sort of insider only secret.

It’s getting access to others in your industry and building JV or joint venture relationships to get traffic, leads and sales.

This gives each of you access to the others list to offer your products.

Most shy away from this traffic strategy because they believe they are giving the list away. But let’s look it.

Most of those in the same industry as you probably don’t offer the exact same product or service.

It would be to both business owners benefit to start a  joint venture and offer the others products to their list which can allow for more traffic.

Its Targeted Traffic

This untapped resource is a fool proof way to build traffic to your offer fast.

It’s easy to implement because it only takes building a relationship with another business owner.

It is a strategy you can use while you are learning the online skills needed to grow your business.

Many new business owners miss out on this secret traffic source because they try to learn everything first.

This is actually one of the most targeted ways of getting traffic on the internet.

It’s really not a secret traffic source and its done all the time.

I call it secret because I only see the huge marketers doing it, the big guns, but you can use the same strategy for your business.

Even if you are just starting with a small list.

Find others in your market and build a relationship with them and offer each others products to the market.

It can be a product you own or an affiliate product. It really doesn’t matter.

The Real Secret to the Secret Traffic Source

It builds credibility for you in your market. I recall reading  I believe it was Jay Abraham who said the best customer is one  endorsed by someone else.

You see, if someone else is willing to say that your product is valuable to their client base, it really doesn’t get any better than that.

That is the best source of traffic on and offline…Period.

As you begin your online business journey remember to tap into the inner circle of your industry to get access to the secret traffic source for your business, joint venture relationships.

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