Pay Per Click

Pay Per Click

Pay Per Click


Pay Per Click advertising or PPC is a favorite strategy of many marketers.



With this strategy you advertise on Facebook, Bing or Google and you pay them every time someone clicks on your ad.

In today’s environment its extremely hard for affiliates to advertise on Google and Bing and is soon to be on Facebook.

Another form of PPC is to pay anytime your ad is shown or by the number of impressions of your ad.

You are not charged for the clicks you are instead charged by the number of impressions per thousand.

Why Marketers Love PPC

Marketers love PPC because you can test ads and know within minutes or a few days if the ad is converting well.

If it is you can use that ad in all types of advertising like Banners, articles, videos, SEO and others and it helps you control your ad budget.

Right now Facebook has about the cheapest PPC ads running. But take note there is a difference between Facebook PPC and Google/Bing PPC.

In Facebook you target based upon the interest of the user and on search engines like Google/Bing you would target based upon what someone searches.

Search PPC is the most targeted and the best paid traffic online period.

Since most affiliates can’t advertise on search engines they use next best thing and that’s Facebook.

I like to use Facebook PPC as a testing ground. If I get good results there I can copy that ad in more places.

There was a time on Google when affiliate marketers according to them, were basically just printing money with many ads they were running.

They had the conversion rates down so well it was extremely easy for them to make money.

But many of them got run off Google and some even lost their entire businesses.

Beware of FaceBook PPC

Facebook is somewhat like that now but I would caution anyone against taking Facebook for granted.

They are aware of the type of advertising that was going on with Google and they are getting it under control.

Your best bet is to read their advertising policy and abide by it.

Bottom line if you’re running a legitimate business and following their guidelines you’ll be fine advertising on both Google and Facebook using the Pay Per click method.

Pay Per click is a great method to get traffic,leads and sales for your business.

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