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How to Find A Niche Market









In order to make money online you’ve got to sell something.

If you don’t already have your own product to sell a good place to start is to find a niche market and sell affiliate products in that niche.

By that I mean finding a market where you can sell products and services that have a high chance of making you money.

A niche market can be a market you love, your passion but what it must be is a market where people spend money.

A quick way to start testing to see if you have found a good niche market is by using a free tool in Google called the Google keyword planner. This is the old keyword search tool that Google has revamped and made better.

This tool will show you the monthly searches for a keyword phrase.  A keyword phrase is simply what someone types into Google search.

If there are enough searches for a  keyword phrase, it can begin to tell you if its a good market.

When people are searching in Google they are trying  to solve a problem or get something they want and that’s when they buy stuff.

And really it’s probably the only time they buy stuff. Think about when you buy something. It happens because you are interested in it or you are in need of it or you are willing to buy something. That’s when people search for what they want, need or must have.

Here’s an  example of a keyword phrase :

Someone goes to Google and types in lose weight in 30 days. “Lose weight in 30 days” is a keyword phrase and that’s what they want to know how to do.

If there are enough monthly searches for that phrase and its a market your products can serve, chances are you are in a good niche market.


val taylor

The keyword tool will show you the monthly searches for that phrase and  in this case there are 1900 monthly searches for the keyword phrase “lose weight in 30 days”.


I’d look for at least 500 or more searches per month and you may have a good niche market.

You’ll have to do a bit more testing but this is a good start.


Find A Niche Market in A Huge Industry

For example everyone knows the weight loss industry is huge. That’s good for you.

However, you must also realize there will be a lot of competitors in a huge industry.

So instead of jumping into a huge weight loss niche, try thinking outside the box.

Maybe focus on women who want to lose weight that have thyroid issues. That’s a niche in the weight loss market.

Start with keyword research to find a niche market.

Before you make the mistake of getting trapped into some strategy or gimmick to make money online find a niche market you can serve with your knowledge and skills.

It can be like finding a needle in a haystack but if you go through the process of keyword research it could be like finding hidden treasures.

Making money online  is not about guess work or passion, its about giving the market what they are asking for, the benefits for them and hopefully they are asking for the products you offer.

keyword and industry research is the way to find a niche market on the internet.

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