Mob Marketing

Mob Marketing

Mob Marketing


I was so confused when I first started online.

I thought what the so-called gurus were were teaching was ridiculous and you would never be able to make money online if you followed their advice.

The longer I researched the more I kept hearing the same thing so I decided to take a leap of faith and follow it to see if I could get results.

Their advice was if you give something away for free you could make money online. Now that makes no sense whatsoever does it?

With my first site online I offered some free training into one of my affiliate programs. What happened next amazed me.

I begin to get more traffic and leads and sales. And then it dawned on me what they were doing….they were Mob Marketing!

That’s right they took their cue from the Godfather, they made you an offer you couldn’t refuse.

They realized using this approach was a proven method to profits.

They just didn’t give away a bunch of free crap…they gave away stuff you could use.

If you took action on their advice you could get results.

Mob Marketing Works!

Believe it or not it still works today.

Most think all you have to do is to put an offer in front of a lot of people and you will sell your products on the internet.

Not true at all because people will for the most part only buy from you if they know, like and trust you.

And the way to build trust is through building relationships, by making an offer your market would be absolutely crazy to refuse.

Once they accept your offer, that’s your opportunity to build the relationship by giving them value that can help them.

You see, it only works if you help them.

Once you have done that the right way your chances of selling your products go way up.

That’s mob marketing… give value, build relationships, make an irresistible offer and begin to make money online.

To make this work you must first understand your market.

You have to know what frustrations and desires they are experiencing.

Then make sure your product or services can help them solve the problem or get something they want.

If you understand this and get into action you can begin to make money online.

Mob Marketing is a good thing on the internet because it forces you to deliver valuable offers to the marketplace that helps real people get real results.

This is where most people miss out, they think they can spam the market into buying.  It won’t work. Not for a real business anyway.

How am I Mob Marketing?


So what am I giving away for free? How am I mob marketing with this site?  I’m giving you information to help you get started online.

Its simple, to become your trusted advisor to help you save time and get started the right way.

But don’t feel sorry for me, you will be offered products for sale and if I’ve done my job right you’ll buy.

Get started, stay connected with me and grab this offer you can’t refuse. My free eBook that shows you Exactly how to get started and get traffic with your business. Complete the form below and get your copy.