Making Money Online

Making Money Online


I call them the most famous three words searched for on the internet, “making money online“.   When I got laid off a few years ago it was what I searched for to figure out how to increase my income.


I found many ways to make money online but only 4 business models which appealed to me.


Making Money Online Business Models:


  • Affiliate marketing
  • Internet network marketing
  • Selling your own products
  • Coaching


Affiliate marketing, which is selling others people stuff allows you to earn money without having your own products. An important advantage of selling affiliate products is the affiliate owner has tested the marketing and conversions. This leaves the only thing you need to know how to do is to get targeted traffic to the offer.

Internet network marketing offers you the ability to tap into a billion dollar industry and build a team and help others become successful.

Also, you get to see some of the quality people in the  profession which may provide a more positive view of network marketing. As a result of the internet I believe it is a better way to create your own economy instead of waiting on entitlements.

It will probably be the hardest work you’ll ever do but also the most rewarding. The internet help me see network marketing as a real way to build a business.

I’ve been able to meet and work with many that have been in the profession for over 20 years who provide a realistic view of the possibility for creating massive income.


Making Money Online with YOU


Selling your own products puts you in complete control of your business but this process takes talent and skills.

You can make great income doing affiliate marketing  however, you don’t control the business because you don’t control the offer.

Internet network marketing can also provide good income and allow you to build relationships. Just as with affiliate marketing you don’t own that company either.  However, it can provide you with enough income to create the life you want if you apply the steps laid out for you.

The key to making money online is to tap into those business models to create income while you are learning the skills needed to sell your own products and services.

You may find the income you receive from  an affiliate/network marketing company may be  more than enough to satisfy your income needs for your livelihood.

Coaching is also a great way to make money online because it allows you to tap into skills you already have and provide help to others.

Just make sure that the coaching you provide is in a niche market where people are spending money.

Remember multiple streams of targeted traffic and income are the key to a profitable business online. This is the most important statement on my site so read it again.

These business models are the ones that I found to be the best for newcomers in the internet marketing space.

Regardless of the route you take with your online business the formula for success is the same. Get traffic, get leads, convert leads and you will make money online.

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