It’s Everywhere

It’s Everywhere


From your favorite blog to some of the sites online you hate traffic is everywhere. The real truth is that the internet is traffic. All of it.

That’s good for you and me because there is enough for everyone and¬† it will never run out. Now that you know that, it should make you feel good about starting a business on the internet.

Traffic is Everywhere









Where You Can Get Traffic

Facebook, YouTube and Google are not the only places to get traffic online, remember it’s everywhere. The entire internet is just a big traffic source for any business.

Some of the places I have found traffic are social bookmarking sites, social networking, forums, article/video directories and more.

Social Bookmarking

There are tons of social bookmarking sites. A few of the most popular are Delicious, Digg, Reddit and Stumbleupon. Create accounts on these sites to get access to traffic when you create new blog posts.

Social Networking

Of course the biggest social networking site is Facebook but did you know that there are over 1600 social networking sites?

You know what that means…tons of traffic. Do a search for “social networks” in Google and become members of a few popular ones to get traffic.


A lot of folks don’t believe forum marketing still works but it does if you add value to the community. Forum marketing is a great way to get traffic to your site.

Free Article Directories

This is where you can write articles and send the traffic back to your site. I love article directories. The most popular article directory is EzineArticles but search for others in Google.

Other Sources of Traffic


Guest Blogging

You can write a post on another person’s blog. Remember the content has to be valuable to others not just you.

Blog Commenting

You can also get traffic by commenting on others blog.

Again traffic is everywhere and all the sources mentioned above are free traffic sources waiting for you and your business to get its share.

Paid Traffic Sources

There are also paid traffic sources like media buys, Google PPC (Pay Per Click), Facebook PPC and sponsored stories, Bing PPC and really so much more.

Believe it or not there’s Pay Per View traffic online also. The point here is there is an unlimited amount of traffic waiting on you and your business.

 Family and Friends Traffic

Another great source of traffic is with your own list of family and friends. You’ve seen content on the internet go viral overnight.

It happens because someone sends something they view as entertaining or educational to another person and then it moves fast thru the internet.

Valuable content is sharable. If people share it then it has value to them.

Use some of the sites above in your free and paid strategies to get traffic to your offer and start making money online.