How to Start

How to Get Started How to start making money while you sleep?


That’s what people want to know, its the number 1 question.


The answer….START!

Because you can’t make any if you don’t get started.

It’s what I struggled with when I came online and kept asking “What do I do if I am completely new to the internet and I want to start a business online?”

The answer was always START.

You need to start by choosing a niche market.  By that I  mean choosing a market where you can solve the problems of that market with your products and services.

I didn’t know I could tap into the power of Google, YouTube, Forums, Facebook, blogging, a mentor and more  to see what others were doing to make money.

I  would find one piece of the internet puzzle and then realize months later I needed something else or I had to learn something new and it left me feeling just way too overwhelmed.

It happens to most of us.

The funny thing is the majority of coaches and tutorial pages online assumes you already know the basics to get started but most people don’t. I didn’t.


 How To Get Started for REAL


Here’s a breakdown of how to get started in business online.

You need a domain name. Consider your domain name the address of your internet business home.

Why?  Because it is how your business is identified and allows others to find you. Your domain name can be your name, your product name, the benefit of your offer, your business name or whatever you want.

There are tons of places to get domain names from and they cost about $12 per year. I use GoDaddy for the domain names I own.

Next, you need a place to host or store your domain name. You need a hosting account.  Why?

Think of the hosting account as your house. The domain is the address and the hosting account is the physical house of your business.

Hosting accounts are also cheap and cost about $3-5 per month. I use HostGator for my hosting service.

How to get started with a blog or website

Of course you need a blog or website. The choice is yours and I explain the difference between the two in this article blog or website. Think of your blog or website like the furniture in your house.

It’s where all your online stuff lives.

Then you need an auto responder. An auto responder is list building tool which allows you to build a list of potential customers.

Why?  Think of the auto responder as a way to store the names of friends and acquaintances you meet online.

You will use that list as a way to keep in touch with them thru your emails to share information and to offer them products and services you sell.

There are many auto responder companies out there but the one with the best delivery rate is AWeber.

This means your emails have the best chance of not ending up in the spam or junk folders of those who subscribe to your list.

Aweber costs about $10-15 per month to store up to 2500 subscribers.

How to Get Started and Get Paid

The last thing you need is a way to get paid. The easiest way to start is with PayPal.  A PayPal account is free to setup but they charge about 3% on transactions.

You can also start with a merchant account which is not as complicated as it sounds but there are several pieces involved in getting a merchant account.


Here’s the Deal


Nothing happens with making money until you start and these are the basic tools you need.

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