How To Get It

 How To Get Traffic

How To Get Traffic


What is traffic anyway? Some would argue that traffic is visitors to a website that want to buy your stuff. Others will say that it’s those who signup  for free training or newsletters. And still others will say it’s just eyes on my site. And all of them are right, it’s all of the above.

Traffic is really just eyes on a website. Traffic is people. But all traffic is not created equal.

The real key is getting targeted traffic to your site. The good news is there is a proven formula for doing just that and it might not be as hard as you think.

Let’s take a look at what you can start doing right now to get traffic.

How to get traffic using Google and YouTube

First, know what your market is looking for and use Google and YouTube to help you.

Use Google and YouTube along with the Google Keyword Planner to determine what your market is searching for, how often and how many searches there are on a monthly basis. This can help you know if you are targeting a good niche.

Then use those search terms in your paid advertising using the Pay Per Click  strategy.

How to get traffic by creating valuable content

Now that you know what your market is searching for,  begin to create content using the search terms that your market uses when they search for things online.

Create content like articles,videos, podcast and social media postings.

With your content be sure to address the solutions to the pain your market has or the result you can help them achieve with your products.

These products can be yours or affiliate products.

Doing this process will help your market find you because you will be using the search terms and phrases they already use to find answers to their problems.

Post your content at least 1-3 times per week for the next 90 days. If your market finds your content of interest they will share it and you will begin to get a flow of traffic.

How to get traffic using your social network

Ask for help to get the word out from your social community. Ask them to share your content with their friends.

They will do it if they find it valuable.

If you have performed your keyword research right and you can help solve a problem or help your market get what they want with your products you will begin to get traffic.

Many businesses have started just like this using free traffic methods because there was only a small budget available.

How to get traffic on the internet can be a struggle if you are new online but using these simple tips can help drive targeted eyes to your website.

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