Hosting Basics

Hosting Basics

Understand hosting basics is vital to set up your business right the first time. Just saying the words hosting scares people into thinking they must be some sort of technical guru to build a business using the internet and it is just not true.

Once we understand that the internet is just another medium to use to build a business and there are certain things about that medium we must understand in order to use it we can overcome our fear of not knowing the basics of what we need to know.

Does Hosting Scare You?

Don’t worry it’s easy but there are certain basic principles you should know about it to save you time (and time is money) and energy.


Here are a few things you should know:


How to buy hosting

How to set up professional email addresses on your hosting account

How to add on domain names to your hosting account


I’ve created a free video to show you in an easy to look over my shoulder view.


If you would like access so you can understand what really matters with hosting click here  to get access to save time and energy you can use elsewhere in your business.


After you watch the free video and you are ready to buy hosting just go here Hosting

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