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Many so-called gurus will say the most important skill to master on the internet is  SEO(Search Engine Optimization) and others will say  its blogging.

I disagree. If you can’t get eyes on your SEO’d and blogged page how will anyone know you exist?

You have to get traffic to your website and turn that traffic into leads and sales to make money online.

And to make money its got to be more than just any traffic. Its got to be targeted traffic for your market. Targeted traffic that has an interest in what you’re selling, need what you’re selling and can buy what you’re selling.

The good news is traffic is everywhere.  If you are in a good niche market and you target properly you will never run out of potential customers.

Most people get stuck with traffic generation because they believe they must get millions of views to make money.

You just need the right hungry eyes who are looking for what you offer.

To get traffic and make money your message must help them get what they want in order for them to buy.

Traffic is about is selling results. If you can deliver a result someone is looking for in your marketing message then you’ve got targeted traffic.

This in my opinion is the skill to master. You can immediately start with paid advertising or you can begin all of it for free.

Although free is really not free. Free takes time and if you have more time than money then go the free route to getting traffic. Just understand that time is money.

It really doesn’t matter what traffic method you are using the key is to make sure your message speaks to your market.

Here’s how to get it

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