Get Started


Business ideas to start

Throughout this site you will discover many mistakes I’ve made online. I want to reveal them to you.

You might even ask yourself ” why should I listen to her because she screwed up everything”.

Its a  fair concern. I did blogging wrong, Facebook wrong, articles,videos and advertising all wrong.

I did Facebook so wrong I have no idea who the majority of those people are that connected with me as friends.

Basically my Facebook account friends with the exception of a few hundred people are just spam.

But I also did what most people won’t and that’s start. I got started and did something to try to make internet marketing and making money online work for me.

And I did. I made tens of thousands of dollars with a ugly blog,  terrible articles,videos and a Facebook account where my family hides from me (Yes family I know you do but its OK).

I was able to find  success ONLY because I  got started.

Guess what?  I continue to make mistakes and so does everyone else online from the baddest of all internet Gurus to the new kid on the block.   So don’t be afraid just get started.

You’ve seen the famous quote by Thomas Edison ” I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work”.  That’s what happens when you start. You’ll make many mistakes and who cares.

If you’re new you won’t know how to get traffic anyway so all those eyes you think are on your site are not.

When you get started no one will even know your site exist. So fail, make mistakes, just get started.

Also recognize that internet marketing is ever changing and in my opinion still in its infancy. There will always be a  new way to do things so mistakes will always be made. Just get started.

Its a fun ride and hopefully along the way of your many mistakes you’ll discover how to make money online.

I did and you can too but you’ve got to get started.

All the internet marketing rockstars and gurus you envy online have something in common they all make mistakes and they all got started.

Are you ready? If so here’s how to get started.