Forum Marketing Template

Forum Marketing

Forums are a good place to start researching your niche market.

There you can find the discussions about what’s really happening right now in your niche.


This information can allow you to better attract prospective customers and get traffic to your website.

Proceed with caution though when using forums. Most people think forums are a great place to spam their website links and its not.

No one will ever buy from or click on your links if all you do is post them. Forums are a place to share information.

There are a few reasons you should incorporate forum marketing into your online business strategy.

In forums your goals should be to:

  •  Build relationships with others in your niche market
  •  Stay up  to date on what’s working in your market
  •  Add value to the forum community

Use forums as a way to get traffic to your website .

The way you find forums is by using Google. In Google search for your niche market + forum.

For example, if you are in the weight loss for women niche Go to Google and  type:

Weight loss for women forum

You will get a list of forums in that niche. Do this for your market and begin by joining a forum.  I recommend joining a forum with a least 1000 members.

Make Sure the Forum is Active

Also check the forum and make sure it is an active forum that has posts every day. If it is you know you’ve found a good forum.

After you join a forum simply take some time to just browse around and see what the conversation is like in the community.

Remember the forum is where discussions occur about what’s happening in the niche. Use the first day or so as a way to research and learn about the forum.

You should also use this time to see how others are posting and commenting and adding value to the community. This will give you a good idea on how to post in the forum.

Take note of how those who have been members of the forum for a long time are commenting and adding their links.

In most cases you will find it is not for every post they make and in some cases they don’t add links at all.

Follow their methods and you may want to begin by adding value  to the community and not posting any links at all. It just builds credibility.

If you do this properly when you do post a link at the end of your forum post it will most likely get clicked because you are not viewed as a spammer.

Some of the very large forums don’t even allow you to post links at all but become a part of the community anyway to stay up to date in your niche.

Build Relationships in Forums

Remember one of the goals is to build relationships with others in the forum community and  you can do that by adding value with your forum post.

One of the things I believe is necessary for success online and not just for forum marketing is every piece of content you create can’t be about you making money.

In other words, the majority of the content you create will be about giving value to others and that’s ultimately how you will end up making money. You have to give to get.

Here’s an easy to use forum marketing template you can get access to for free. Get access to  the template here and  start using forums in your marketing.