Domain Name Basics

Understanding domain name basics are at the core of setting up your business properly yet many ignore the value in it. There are a few crucial things you need to understand about domain names that is rarely shared online.

Domain Name Basics

Some critical things you must know about domain names for your business

• The Domain Names You Must Get and Why
• One Technique for your Domain Names to Streamline Your Business
• How to Prevent Spammers and Stalkers from Finding You

I’ve just create a free video and PDF you might want to get a copy that spells it out for you so you can get your business set up right from the start. Feel free to grab a copy here

It is my belief if you build upon the basics of anything you will lay a solid foundation and your business can continue to grow.

Not understanding and applying the basics will have you jumping from tactic to tactic with little or no results. Get access above to understand the basics of domains for your business.


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Domain Name Basics



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