Blog or Website

Blog or website

Should I have

A Blog or



The end result of using a blog or website is the same if you know how to drive traffic to it. However, both can require a lot of technical expertise to set up.

A blog is just a site where content is posted frequently. A website is a static site where the content does not change.

You can combine the two on the WordPress blog platform like I’ve done here.

This way the content is the same for new visitors and the blog serves as the place where content is posted on a more regular basis.

I chose this format because I wanted my readers to know where to start when they visit my site. Since most of your traffic will always be new the static portion of the site gives them a roadmap to follow.

So the blog is where my frequent updated content is located and this portion of the site is all about getting started with the basics of getting traffic and leads.

I hope it allows you to see how to get started online.

Don’t get hung up on which is better between a blog or website just get started.

Doesn’t my blog or website have to be pretty?


All of us want our sites to have manicured details and beauty. But my first blog  was not attractive but I made thousands of dollars using it because I knew how to get traffic.

So don’t get hung up on  the looks.

The content is what matters. Content that someone views as valuable and sharable.

Even an ugly site can make you money if and only if people view your content as valuable.

There are free blogs you can use but if you’re really in this game for business a self hosted blog on your own hosting account is a better option.

Just understand to have a blog like this one requires knowledge with hosting, pluggins, html coding and more. This type of blog is a great option but you must know what you’re doing.


I also run a blog that was already setup for me with all the technical details when I bought it. This way I could just start blogging. I like this platform better because I don’t have to continue learn the technical skills and I can share this easy to implement blog with those less technical than me.

For instance I have a few friends who are authors and want to use an easy blog to write about their books. I have friends who wants to document leadership and speaking techniques. These people find an already setup blog a much easier platform to use than this one because they can just start blogging. You can take a look at my favorite easy to use blog here.


Which Blog or Website

WordPress is one of the most popular blogging platforms. They offer a free and what they call a priceless version. Google owns Blogger which is free. Then there is typepad and others.

The most popular website used are site build it  or 1 and 1 but to be honest since I don’t use a static website you may have to research this one.

A blog or website doesn’t really matter because each one works just fine for business on the internet. My recommendation would be to use an already setup blog for ease of use and time like this one I use here.