Banners/Banner Advertising



Banner advertising is another way to get traffic to your website.

Some of the veterans of internet marketing will say that all banners on website are being ignored by the user.

We see the banners on the right side of a website and just ignore them because we know they are ads.



There is some truth in that theory however, I beleive that’s the case for other marketers and not necessarily the masses.

The general audience to a website will typically always be new and those banners may not get ignored.

They may get clicked.

That debate is really not the issue. If you run your advertisement to a targeted audience it really doesn’t matter if you’re using banners, text links, solo ads or whatever.

A targeted audience will respond if you have done your work properly as an advertiser.

It really is that simple.

Banners are Online Billboards

Banners are visual so it must be something that attracts the reader visually.

Banners either must stick out like a sore thumb on a website or blend in a website naturally.

They are your virtual billboards.

Banners should be advertised on highly trafficked sites.

There are various prices and sizes for banners and you will need to contact the web owners for cost.

In some cases if you scroll to the bottom of a webpage there will be a link which says something like advertise or advertise with us.

This is where you can get the details on size and costs of banners.

What should your Banner Ads include

The words on the banner as in any form of advertising must speak directly to the user its targeting.

For example, lets say all the visual work on the banner is done properly and you ad is targeting those in threat of foreclosure.

If that banner said something like:

“New Program Stops Foreclosure in 24 hours
Click here to find out how”

If I saw that banner and I was in foreclosre or threat of foreclosure I would click it to find out more.

Every advertising strategy simply must speak to the target audience with emotion.

Include in your banner ads good graphics, an emotional message to meet your market needs and a good call to action.

A call to action is simply asking them to act, like “click here now” is a call to action.

Using banners is a viable form of advertising if you follow the basic rules to get started and get traffic for your business.

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