Articles and Article Marketing







Most will tell you that writing articles and article marketing doesn’t work anymore.

Even though you probably never had a chance to make it to the first page of Google because of their algorightim changes, you can still get traffic from articles.

Search Engine Optimization

Most marketers didn’t know or understand how to use SEO(Search Engine Optimization) effectively to get to page 1 of Google anyway so its really not a big deal.

SEO requires a lot of work on the website using the right keywords and off the website linking into it and only a few great marketers do it well.  Its mostly done with a lot back linking tricks.

But there is a reason you should still write articles.

Publishers within the article directories need content for their sites.

If you write an article and its is viewed as valuable and sharable they will publish the content in their publications.

Power in Articles

That’s pretty powerful to have a publisher of an online magazine or Ezine publish your content.

There is actually power in the written word. I recall when I was fairly new to online business I wrote an article about being laid off.

That one article has been published 16 times. That’s traffic.

The other great point about publishers picking up your content and using it on their sites is they are required to keep your links in place back to your site.

In what’s called the resource box of the article you get to include a link back to your website or blog.

Publishers have to keep that link in place if they use your content.

Traffic is What its all about


That’s more traffic.

Writing articles also helps build credibility. Online marketing is all about becoming a credible trusted source in your market.

This all works for you and your business if you have found the right niche in your market.

If you decide to write articles,  search in Google for the top 5 or so article directories and submit your articles there.

The article directory I use is EzineArticles.

They all require your content be original.

There are shortcuts around of lot of this online marketing stuff by I recommend doing it right the first time.

Articles should not be your only source of traffic because traffic should come from multiple places but it is a good place to start once you do your niche market research.

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