Are We Confusing Activity With Marketing?

So many of us are committing this deadly sin and the question must be asked are we confusing activity with marketing?

Marketing is the only business you’re really in regardless of what you do.

Marketing is not slobbering over your fantastic traffic results although traffic is a key component to building a business. But too many marketers get caught up in the statistics of traffic and forget what traffic’s job really is which is to convert into a lead/sale.

Think of like this, you go to the mall and there’s a ton of traffic but the only store that is crowded is Neiman Marcus.

So all the store owners in the mall can post stats about the amount traffic the mall their store is in receives but the only store that has taken traffic and turned it into a lead is Neiman Marcus.

Traffic gives you nothing if you can’t turn traffic into a lead because a lead gives you a chance to make money. Leads are what turn into customers and sales not traffic. Traffic is like window shoppers.

So are we confusing activity with marketing?

If we just look at traffic stats or the amount of content we have out there on the internet we can get sucked into thinking traffic and content is king. It is not.

The quality of your content matters and if it were as simple as the amount of content you have marketers would hire people to create a ton of content.

But quality content takes time and effort to produce and syndicate throughout the internet. The amount of content is not the key the quality of the content is what matters.

If you could get a lot of traffic to your content and the traffic is not interested in, in need of or have a desire to buy your products or services then the traffic you are attracting is not a match for your business.

And the time you spent getting traffic is for naught because you are marketing to the wrong people.

It’s really easy to go down the statistics rabbit hole but proceed with caution because you may find your business stalling when you are focusing on statistics that can’t help you get paid.

When you confuse activity with marketing you speak to the wrong market

Marketing to the wrong market with the wrong message and boasting about what you’ve done even when the chance of that traffic spending money with you is low is confusing activity with marketing.

You should spend each and every day of your business marketing and talking to people who are interested in, in need of and are willing to buy your products and services. This is the only traffic that matters in business.

If you are marketing to anyone else you are wasting your time. And if you are displaying statistics that are not relevant you are doing your target market a disservice by not connecting with those who you can help which helps you earn income.

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