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The Affiliate Market

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If you want to make money online and don’t have your own product, one easy way to start selling is with affiliate marketing.

The affiliate market is huge on the internet. Actually it’s huge offline too. Check out your banks and internet providers and others offering to give you free monthly service or a discount for referring someone. That is the same principle of affiliate marketing.

You can start in the affiliate market by selling products you use because you know the quality of those products and can recommend them to others.

The way it works is you sell products created by others and receive a commission  between 4% – 75%.

You can sign up as an affiliate for free.

The key here is the same for any marketing, you have to get traffic to your affiliate site. And you have to be able to convert that traffic into a sale to make money.

What’s great about it is the owner of the product will give you everything  you need to make the sale.

They will give you the sales websites, the email followup letters,  and your only job is to get targeted traffic.

They already know what the conversion rates are to a targeted audience. So once again your role is targeted traffic traffic traffic.

There are many affiliate networks you can join like Click Bank  and  Commission Junction which are very popular.

Even the online business building products you use like GoDaddy for domain names,  Hostgator for hosting services, Aweber for email and many more pay affiliate commissions.


Don’t  Forget Amazon


Amazon has what they call the associate program where they pay between 4-7%.

Don’t let that discourage you from becoming an amazon associate.

Amazon is very good a converting traffic to their site.

Just get targeted traffic to the product offer.

Amazon is also the best at knowing how to offer customers more than what they originally buy.

It’s called Upselling and if they buy more from your link you get credit for every sale while Amazon does the work for you.

You can also form deals with other marketers and sell their stuff. They will pay at least 40% or more in commissions.

Just keep in mind your target market and sell in the markets where people are already spending money.

The Affiliate Gurus

Many gurus will talk about the glory days of printing money with just affiliate marketing.

Google has cleaned a lot of that up with the Google slap.

As a result fortunes were made and lost and businesses were shutdown.

Facebook is doing the same. It’s just a way of keeping the market place safe for all. However, people also have to take personal responsibility for what they buy.

The affiliate market is one easy way to start on the internet.

Just remember the basic fundamentals still apply. Learn to get targeted traffic and convert traffic into sales.

The affiliate market coupled with internet network marketing is where my focus is on the internet. I sell the tools of the trade of marketing a business online and my network business products teach you the marketing strategies necessary to get targeted traffic and leads regardless of the business you’re in.

Get access to that affiliate product here and use what’s in it to grow your online business.

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