About Val


Welcome to my new blog.  My mission here is simple.

Teach as many baby boomers as I can reach the power of marketing on the internet.

I coach baby boomers through the basic steps to using the internet to start a business.

My story is probably similar to yours. I have worked a full 30 year career and was laid off right when I needed to work most.

I did what most do in this day and age and I got on my computer and typed in those famous three words “make money online”.

I found more information than I ever imagined and began to get overwhelmed and overloaded.

I recall thinking one night out loud “nobody is going to do this crap”.

Because it was painful. It was extremely painful trying to learn everything needed to build a legitimate business on the internet.

I wasn’t interested in scams or get rich quick schemes, I wanted to really learn how to do internet marketing so I could make money.

I got more than what I bargained for and began to get buried in excuse me “B.S.”

Coming from a corporate environment and even in sales you expect straight talk and real answers.

When I first came online I basically got garbage marketing and get rich tactics. It was awful.

There was so much I had to set up and understand and I could not find the answer in just one place.

But had a hunger to know.

I wanted to learn how to make money online for several reasons. I figured with over 28 million people laid off my chances of getting hired was unlikely. So I had to figured it out.

My personality leads me to get to the bottom of any research I start so I kept digging.

I kept buying product after product to get the answer.

And right when I got it, I finally figured out how to use  internet marketing effectively Continue reading……