About Val Part 2

I loss my spouse to cancer and had to abandon my internet business for a while.  I got back online and discovered things had gotten worse.

Marketers were creating bad information products and sending the masses through a big ball of confusion.

And still no one was showing the new entrepreneur the basics of getting started.

So I decided to focus my efforts there. On the basics. The basics  is foundational and never changes.  If you can stay focused on the basics as things change you can adjust easily.

If you understand the basics, you can adjust, regroup and rebuild if necessary.

The road to generating traffic and leads and making sales was not easy nor was it hard. It did however, require work.

I make money through affiliate marketing/network marketing and offering my coaching services.

The advice I have for the new marketer and baby boomer is  understand the most important skill to learn online is to master the art of traffic and lead generation.

And as far as traffic is concerned don’t get hung up on a lot of stats people throw at you. Traffic is only important if it generates a leads that you can convert into a sale.

Others skills will be required but if you can’t get targeted eyes on your web site you basically have no business.

The internet is a place where you can build a profitable business if you have the foundation of your online business set up properly and master some specific skills.

Welcome to the wonderful world of internet marketing and I wish you ultimate business success.

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