Val TaylorIf you’re online building a business you know it all starts with Traffic and Lead generation.


I mean targeted traffic and leads those who are interested in what you offer, need what you offer and willing to buy what you offer.

You can tap into this market using free and paid traffic strategies.


And you know what?


It’s easy.


That doesn’t mean it won’t take work.



Because it will.


You see when I came online I was told to focus on traffic and lead generation strategies.


Which are absolutely important and I did and here are some of my results.


Baby Boomer Business Get Traffic and Leads




Aweber list











Here are some of my traffic and lead results with my favorite affiliate system.

empowwer network leads

But much more important than traffic and leads is making a connection with another human being  like YOU.


And when I started to build relationships with the traffic I got my business improved.


Don’t be afraid to be who you are because people like working with real people.


Traffic and lead generation will be required but don’t forget about building a relationship with your customers.


So if I , a laid off baby boomer can master traffic and lead generations strategies so can you.

It’s fun.


It’s fulfilling.


It’s easy.


Yes it does require work.


And it’s powerful.


According to Suze Orman on the Piers Morgan show on CNN ” People need to go to work NOW and since the jobs are not here you must create your own job”.


I couldn’t agree more and that’s what I did and you can too!


The problem online is there was no one giving you the basics of what you need to get started in business.

Everything is built on a foundation and the basics of internet marketing is vital.


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